Watching God Be Awesome

OLA! 🙂

I know I have some explaining to do for my absence for more than a week, and it is this:

FINAL EXAMS. o________o

Surprisingly, the ill-treated “hellweek” did not seem like hellweek at all (at least to me) because I went out almost everyday with family and our balikbayan relatives from Australia. (For foreign readers, a balikbayan is a true-blooded Filipino who currently resides in a foreign country but goes home every once in a while–usually every few years–to spend vacation) The arrival of our relatives, the Dela Peñas, is the surprise news my Mom told me about 2 weeks and I shared with you guys in this post. Their vacation and my finals week falling on the same week is no coincidence and would teach me how to balance my time well.

Saturday, October 8,2011

Our relatives, the Dela Peña family, arrived from Sydney! The parents of both families are making the most out of the Dela Peña’s 2-week vacation and our (that’s me and my bros) 2-week sembreak so I’m stoked! Since our balikbayans arrived at night, we all reserved our extra energies for the next day.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apparently the Filipinos abroad are more eager to watch noontime shows than most Filipinos living in their native land. Or maybe that’s just our family. Actually we do watch noontime shows (in fact our day won’t be complete without laughing to the antics of  the famous triumvirate Tito, Vic, and Joey and an emerging trio Jose, Wally, and Paolo) so obviously I’m talking about the show of the opposite network. 😀 For the sake of our balikbayans who are avid TFC fans, we went to the studio of ASAP Rocks for a live show.

Luis Manzano ❤ hihi, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 4th Runner up Venus Raj, Kim Chiu, and Jericho Rosales

Kitchen Musical stars Christian Bautista and Karylle getting their groove on

Robi Domingo and Enchong DeePrincess of All Media Anne Curtis-Smith

Biggest Loser Philippine Edition grand finalists. Larry, the guy in the middle, is the grand champion. He lost about 114 pounds, man! 🙂

Birthday boy Erik Santos

the Dela Peña fam–Tita Melissa, Tito John, Jaemie! (Jed’s not seen here though)


Although the show wasn’t finished yet, we left at exactly 3 PM, prompted by our growling stomachs. 🙂 Dad (who took all these beautiful photos–thanks Dad!) drove us to Rockwell. A balikbayan escapade would not be complete without savoring scrumptious Filipino meals, so we opted to eat at Cafe Via Mare (which did not disappoint). The food was truly worth the wait.

the adorable Jed

Later that evening, we brought the Dela Peñas to Greenbelt while our fam headed to CCF to attend the evening service. 🙂

Monday, 10 October 2011

The following morning, I attended my last lecture in Finance class. By the way, last Tuesday (October 4) we went to the Money Museum at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) which was fun. The trip inside the museum was not the funnest part; rather, the 10-minute walk from Harrison Plaza to BSP Gate 6 under the scorching 1-PM heat with my classmates. Thankfully I brought my Dad’s old iPhone with me that day to document our adventure. Again, thanks to my ever doting Daddy for bringing me, Chynna, Ate Jen, and Shai to BSP! I love you Dad!

that’s our professor right there levetating. Did I tell you he was the Vice President of his bank? 😉

(last 2 photos c/o my professor, Ron Reyes)

After the tour, I walked to Dad’s office located across CCP. Good thing I remembered the way there from the route of the Manila Bay Clean-up Run (only that time I wore rubber shoes. Heels aren’t so comfy to walk around with especially in Roxas Boulevard asphalt). Since I hadn’t taken my lunch yet, Dad treated me to Pancake House in Harbor View! Yay! I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo of my bacon and asparagus pasta, but I did take a photo of the yogurt with sliced walnuts. 🙂

Dad was such a gentleman that day (well, he always is). After treating me to lunch, we walked back to his office where he parked his car then he brought me to school since I still had one class in the afternoon. After my class, he called me and told me he’ll pick me up so we can go home together. 😉 Thanks, Dad!

Going back to  Monday, I received the 1st awesome news of the week. After accounting class, my professor called out a few names, one of which is mine, and ordered those people to remain. As the uncalled people left, I noticed that the remaining classmates of mine were the smart ones in accounting. I can’t believe I’m actually part of this group! When the last uncalled guy classmate left the room and closed the door, we remained silent and waited for our professor to speak. He broke the silence with these 6 sweet as honey from the comb words:

“You are exempted from the finals.”

I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EARS. Accounting–of all subjects! 🙂 Although I did not get a flat 1 (but not lower than 1.5), I was overjoyed. I won’t get to take the final exam and still pass the course with a high grade! It was the break I prayed for. With the activities that surrounded me upon the arrival of our balikbayans, I did not know how to fit Finance + Accounting + Programming + Psychology + Statistics into my schedule in less than 7 days! But thank God He removed one subject of my list, and that was good enough for me. 🙂

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Allergic rhinitis attack! From my experience, only a 1-hour sleep either in the morning, afternoon, or both cured my incessant sneezes. Last Tuesday, however, my remedy did not seem to work. So from the moment I woke up until we and our relatives went to Star City that evening, I sneezed, wiped and pressed my nose, and sneezed again from time to time. 😐 Nevertheless, I enjoyed riding the roller coasters with Jaemie, but I wished the rides were as extreme as the rides in Six Flags in the US.

the My Binondo Girl-inspired ride 😀

Finally Dad had a photo! With Tito John

with Colo the iguana

After doing some shopping, screaming and laughing through 2 horror houses, laughing some more in the various rides, and posing for hundreds of photos again shot by my Daddy, we hungered for FOOD. 😀 KFC it was!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I missed Psychology class because we relaxed ourselves in the newly opened ACE Water Spa in Kapitolyo Pasig. I enjoyed every minute of our relaxation! The facilities were clean and pleasing to the eyes. I especially loved the rainfall acupuncture. It did not hurt at all! What you do is you lie face down on the “bed,” placing your neck on a wooden pillow. (The facilities, by the way, are pools so we wore tight bathing suits) After pressing the button, torrential waters pour on your back and hind legs for 2 minutes. Jaemie and I also spent some time in the heated pools and the sauna after which we splashed our bodies with ice cold water. Unfortunately we were not permitted to bring cameras inside the spa so weren’t able to take photos. I do recommend ACE Water Spa for those of you who are looking for fun ways to relax! (There’s also one in Quezon City)

Later that evening, I hosted a talent show in my high school with my cousin, Miko. The talent show was inspired by Pilipinas Got Talent so my cousin and I were tasked to host ala Luis Manzano and Billy Crawford style. Since we hosted inside a church–Baptist to be exact–I don’t think we could not completely do justice to the superb hosting of the male celebrities. Nevertheless, we did well. Praise God! 🙂

Yesterday I took a break from the events and focused more on reviewing for pending final exams (I still have one exam this Saturday). Next week, sembreak officially begins! I cannot believe my parents would let me go to Boracay with them and my retreat in one week. Since the supposed vacation to the Visayan island fell on the same dates as my retreat, they let me choose: Bora or retreat? That was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, but I knew I had to put God first so I the retreat. This week, however, my parents rescheduled the Bora trip so that I can go to both trips! Woohoo! 🙂

While I spent some time alone in ACE Water Spa, I thought about everything I have been receiving this past week. “Lord, You are so good to me. I don’t deserve any of this.” Truth be told, there were days when I set aside my quiet time with God, thinking He’ll understand. Yet here He is, blessing me in ways I don’t expect. Why?

Because of Who God is. He is gracious. Also, He fulfills His promises to my parents when He said that He’ll bless them when they walk according to His ways, a command my parents are faithfully keeping. God is a lavish Rewarder. When the parents are rewarded, expect the children to receive some of the blessings as well.

I knew I had to change my response. Earlier this morning, I recommitted my heart to Jesus, letting Him take all of me. Peace and joy instantly filled my heart.

I look forward to the coming days not just because I’ll be having fun and spending time with family and friends, but because I’ll get to see God work marvelously even in the simple things. I’m always on the watch for His awesomeness. 🙂

Smile For The Camera!

Last night, I was blessed to have been fetched by  my Dad from school after accounting class because it was raining cats and dogs! (As I type this it is still raining cats and dogs) As a Filipino born and raised in my native land, I am used to soaking my new shoes in cold, rainwater and running for shelter when an umbrella is not at hand; however, I still dislike getting my feet soaked (for fear also of leptospirosis) and wetting my clothes (especially if I’m going to a place from home). Imagine my excitement when I received a message from my Dad during accounting class saying that he will pick me up. That “will”makes all the difference because he usually asks me first what time I’ll be dismissed; he already made up his mind to fetch me! Thanks Dad!

On our way home, lightning’s light flashed across the dark night sky (I say light because there weren’t any bolts). I asked my Dad if he saw the lights and he said no, but he told me to smile. “Why?”

“Because God is taking a photo of you.”

I imagined God holding a DSLR with the world’s most powerful lenses and taking photos of Filipinos squirming under their umbrellas while waiting for a jeepney, cab, or tricycle to usher them home safely. That thought of God snapping photos of mankind ignited my imagination which was not put to rest until I slept later that same evening. If God does have a wide array of cameras and lenses (and would like to believe so), how powerful those cameras must be! Anywhere between the Milky Way galaxy and thousands of other galaxies could be His location for a photoshoot. His flashes are so magnanimous they can be seen in the sky. When His setting lacks adequate light, He doesn’t wait for light to come; He commands it to come! There is nothing nature can do that can rob His photos of the best quality because He has the Creator advantage, and He can manipulate nature according to His liking. His models are creatures made after His own image. Can you say God is the best photographer in the world? 🙂 (And next to Him is my earthly Dad who is getting better at digital photography every day!)

Thanks to my loving and intelligent fathers, I have a reason to smile when lightning flashes before my eyes. When the storms of life hit me, I can be confident and joyful because the best photographer and Father in the entire universe won’t take His eyes off me. 🙂 He sees through every fibre of my being and gently molds me into the person He intended me to be. Even getting hit by lightning and dying because of it won’t be too heavy a burden for me because maybe God liked my smile so much He took me to Heaven to show the angels how the best smile on earth looked like. 😀

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7, NLT

Speaking of cameras–before I end this entry–my Dad is selling his CANON EOS-1D MARK II DIGITAL WITH EF 70-200MM F/4L USM LENS. Go visit the link–I know you want to. 🙂

Called To Account

Writing has always been and will always be my passion. When I was younger, I wrote inspirational essays and short stories on several pieces of A4 bond papers and afterwards stapled and shaped them into my own “book.” Back then I was my own publisher and my parents were my most avid readers. Today they still are my avid readers and I still dream of getting published (if only I can get my thoughts and ideas rearranged). The pen, as well as the keyboard, was my best friend, the English grammar my instructor, and choice literature my mentors.

Possessing a brain with a possibly larger right hemisphere, I have not grown to love numbers and analysis. I’ll admit that I’m pretty slow when I am tasked to correctly supply the proof with the rules of inference in syllogism. After struggling with geometry and logic in high school and 1st year of college respectively, I thought I was relieved from hurdling countless rules, postulates, and concepts relating to analysis and numbers. Unfortunately,  my struggle has just begun.

I knew from the moment I enlisted for that subject that I would experience difficulty liking and befriending Basic Accounting. Pardon my harshness, but I always viewed accounting as a boring and dull subject and field of expertise. In spite having this distorted misconception, I highly esteemed (and still esteem) accountants because they really are people who have the right to be called professionals thanks to their hard-earned licenses. However, I saw myself in a career which continuously pursues innovative and creative write-ups and projects–a feat accountants do not usually do. Thus, my resistance to the subject.

Yet no matter how much I tried to avoid analysis and accounting (I opted for health instead of accounting as an elective in high school), they just kept coming back to me as if to say, “Knowledge of us even in the lowest level is a must for every employee in the corporate world.” For real?! Unfortunately for me, I have a mom who thought the same way. She voluntarily accompanied me during my enrollment so that she could choose the subjects that I would be dealing with. If only she enrolled in the MBA program….

In my cranial shelves, accounting definitely belonged to this classification. It took me two weeks before I partially understood debit and credit and their effect on assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity. As I listed entries onto my journal last Thursday, I suddenly appreciated the numerous writing assignments and exercises in UA&P and MICA (my present Alma mater). I’d choose writing a handful of essays over journalizing,  posting to the ledger, and trial balancing anytime!

As I penned each digit in the rightmost columns of my journal, I realized something. There must be a reason why God allowed me to take accounting. As a matter of fact, I don’t have any English or communication subject this semester! “Okay, Lord, what are you trying to teach me?”

one of my most favorite reblogged Tumblr photos

At present, I am undergoing what I call a “knowledge and experience stretch.” What I have been running away from for so long I now have to face and conquer. I learned that in  God’s training program, He does not stop until each man (or woman) successfully completes a challenge he or she finds repulsive. It is one’s response to what he thinks is not good or proper for him that determines the depth of his character and spiritual maturity.

That Thursday evening, I braced myself for the next four months of nosebleeding, brain bleeding, and understanding accounting as well as principles of finance and law on obligations and contracts (yes, I am taking those subjects, too). Analysis is not just for accountants, bankers, and lawyers. Writers and artists need it, too. I know I do. 🙂

Images courtesy of Google Images

Brotherly Love

“Jenny, keep an eye on your brothers. Take care of them, okay? Don’t leave them….I trust you….Alagaan mo mga kapatid mo.’Wag mo silang pababayaan….”

For weeks  Mom kept repeating to me until the day she and Dad left for Australia two weeks ago. Being the responsible, oldest daughter that I was (no pride intended–that’s what they called me),  I took these words to heart, thinking I would never break them even if it cost me my happiness. Last Sunday I was tested to see if I passed or failed the Brothers’ Keepers Test. Whatever comes out of it is a matter of life and death because two precious souls are at stake.

The “test” (at the time that it happened it was simply an incident) began the moment the 10 A.M. worship service concluded. About a thousand people made their way out of the 5th floor auditorium and headed in different directions: the parking lot, Megamall, Podium, St. Francis food court, restrooms and Sunday school to pick up their children. I belonged in the last category except I wasn’t picking up my children but my brothers. My cousin, Rej, accompanied me to the 3rd floor. For some reason we separated, she heading to the elementary rooms where my youngest brother, James, and our family friend, Arman, were, while I headed to the intermediate  rooms where my 12-year old brother, Josh, was. I went to the Grade 6 room only to find it dark and empty, so I immediately went outside Sunday school. Upon exiting, I found Ate Rej, James and Arman, but not Joshua. Whatever happened to that absent-minded guy? It took us 2 minutes to finally locate him and because I was in a hurry to eat (it was lunchtime already!) I forgot where he went and where we found him. That was only the first of his escapades.

Right after locating Joshua, we met up with the Evaristo family, other relatives of ours. Together–me, Miko and Rej–mounted and dismounted escalators and made our way outside St. Francis Square. I distinctly remember Joshua, again absent-minded, trailing behind us. Making sure of this, I conversed with my cousins (Miko and Rej), laughing and teasing each other like we used to. James and Arman were held by our cousin Kuya Renjay so I relaxed. I was taking care of my brothers without sacrificing my happiness and comfort. Or so I thought.

Three minutes have passed since we entered the doors of Megamall when we reached Pizza Hut Bistro located in the 3rd floor. Kuya Renjay, the younger kids and other relatives arrived earlier to save two tables and order the food. My cousins and I talked some more, then I checked on James, Arman and Kurt (the younger brother of Miko, about James’ age). I asked James where his kuya Josh was, but he shook his head and said, “he’s just around.” I looked around but found no sight of Josh. I did not worry…not yet anyway. Maybe he’s in a store somewhere. Oh there, in Blue Magic. My cousins Rej and Miko went right to locate Josh while I walked left towards Blue Magic. The store replete with stuffed toys and “love” items probably did not attract my brother (like me) so I left it immediately. After three minutes, Yaya Aida, the helper of our aunt Jayjay, called me and asked if we have found Josh. News spreads fast nowadays, doesn’t it? Calmly, I said we haven’t, but assured her we will. Or was it myself that I assured? Either way, we just wanted to locate my brother.

The rest of the brood that were not part of the search-and-rescue team rested on the chairs, waiting for the ordered food. I instructed James to stay with our other aunt, Tita Judith, while I go look for our brother. Where could he be? The last time I saw him was in National Bookstore. I dashed to the ground floor.

As I brisk-walked to NBS, I couldn’t help but worry and imagine the bad things that could have met my brother. Episodes in CSI and Law and Order of 50-year old pedophiles abducting and taking advantage of young boys flashed in my head. Oh Lord, please, no. Not Josh. Not when our parents are thousands of miles away from us, enjoying and having fun. Oh God, no. Please, help me find Josh. Make our paths cross. At the same time, I told myself: This is all your fault. I should have paid attention to him. I should have watched him. I’m such a bad sister.

Immediately I entered National Bookstore upon arrival and searched for a boy in a blue and green striped Gap shirt, denim shorts and red-and-black basketball shoes. No match found. I stopped beside the Teens shelves and contemplated at his present location. He was trained well; he should have stayed here and waited for us to find him. Oh Lord, please keep my brother safe. Please–

*insert CSI: New York theme song* It was my phone. An unregistered number appeared, but I assumed it was my cousin Rejoice. For once, my presupposition was true.

“Hello Jenny? We found Joshua na. “

Whew. I breathed a sigh of relief and thanksgiving. The episodes quickly faded. “Where did you find him?”

“In National Bookstore. We’re in Pizza Hut already.”

He was trained, after all. “Oh…haha, I see. Andito ako ngayon. Sige, aakyat na ako.” (I’m here now. Alright, I’ll go up now.)

We ended our conversation and I went out of the bookstore–thankful, relieved and almost teary-eyed. I hated these incidents, but it is in these adrenaline-pumping moments where I see how good God is and how much attention I gave or have not given my brothers. As I walked to the third floor, I resolved in my heart not to scold my brother. I’ve had enough sermons and worries for the day. (Besides, it was Tita Jayjay who did the scolding. Haha!)

While my parents were away, I kept asking God what His purpose/s is/are for not allowing me, Josh and James to visit Australia with our parents. I guess I had to learn a lot of lessons–lessons I would learn only apart from my parents, to see how their 16-year training will be translated into proper application. Over all, I believe God wanted to teach me the value of brotherly love–literally. 🙂 After that incident, I never took my eyes off my brothers except when they bathed and in the evening when we slept. My momentary lack of attention to Josh did not mean that I didn’t love him, but that I chose to focus on myself. My comfort, my happiness, my time. After all, I took care of them very well when we were in our Tita Amy’s house. But that’s the thing about love: it’s inexcusable.  Love suffers long. Come to think of it, I was not going to “suffer” for watching over my brothers! Thankfully, God never kept His eyes off Joshua. 🙂

You may be the bunso (youngest child) in your family, the middle child (like Josh) or the panganay (eldest) like me. If you have a sibling (siblings), choose to love them. Trust me, I’m not that loving now towards my brothers, but I can tell you that by the grace of God, I have changed for the better. I was more patient than I was a year ago or two years ago. Love ought to be practiced faithfully today. Now is the time. You may say, “Well, my siblings don’t care if I exist. We’re on our own now.” The truth is, they do. They desire as much affection and love as you do. Oldest children, our younger siblings look up to us. On the outside, they may be rebellious, disobedient, naughty and stubborn, but really, all they’re looking for is an ate or kuya (older sister or brother) who would love them no matter what. Family members look only for love outside the family when they can’t find it inside the family. Be the first one to initiate the love. 

Here are pictures of me with Joshua and James. I love ’em!

proudly wearing his medal on him! forgot which award it was, though. Haha!  🙂

smartest boy. evarr. 😀

with our cousin Rej. Our missing footwear is a sign of respecting holy ground. Seriously. :)))

CUTEST!!!! 🙂 :>

More Powerful Than Hercules

About two hours ago (it is now 11 PM), I watched Hercules on Disney. The scene that greeted me when I switched on the TV was the part where Phil (Philoctetes, Hercules’ trainer), Pegasus and Hercules went (or should I say, flew) to the city of Thebes hoping that Hercules could snag a heroic job. The ‘Thebians,’ having survived repercussions of natural disasters, laughed at Hercules and turned down his sincere offer. One of the citizens, a tall, portly guy whose teeth seemed to have been washed away in the shores for having been mistaken as chipped seashells, asked Hercules this question:

“Can you reverse natural disasters?”

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to answer this question. I bet the guy wasn’t even expecting Hercules to answer; he probably intended to expose the inadequacy of the prominent Greek god.

About five minutes later, the same portly guy who mocked Hercules’ heroic capabilities gave him a hero’s parade after defeating the Hydra that Hades, Hercules’ uncle, sent along his nephew’s way. A momentary victory that involved no reversing of natural disasters whatsoever deterred a man’s views on heroism.

This scene from an animated film–one of my favorite Disney classics, I must say–led me to 2 realizations:

  1. The ultimate hero is the one guy who can reverse natural disasters. Man can somehow control and escape famine, crime, persecution and war, but he can never flee the perils of raging waters and throbbing tectonic plates.
  2. We tend to focus on the momentary acts of chivalry so that we could at least be free–even for a while–from the seemingly permanent troubles that surround us. Even if they don’t make up for half of our problems.

The real hero is one who delivers us from our deepest struggles. From situations where you have no way out, and all you can do is sit around and wait for someone to help you. Thankfully, there is a Man who passed the criteria. I think you know Who I’m talking about.

In case you don’t have the slightest clue, His Name is Jesus. If, by any chance you heard the names Wonderful, Counselor, Good Shepherd, Messiah, Son of God, Prince of Peace, Immanuel, Lamb of God, Man of Sufferings, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, you just heard some of His many other beautiful Names.

Several minutes later–when Meg resigned from being Hades’ toy–a question formed in my head.

“If God is the ultimate authentic hero who can reverse natural disasters, why did He allow Japan to suffer 3 consecutive beatings from Nature?”

The truth is, I don’t know. I know God read the question written all over my head, but He did not answer it. He has His reasons–good, purposeful reasons. But for now, I’m not in the position to know them.

All I know is that there is an even deeper problem than tsunamis and earthquakes that God has indeed addressed. And that is man’s eternal state. (for more info on salvation, go here) God is the Hero Who majors on the majors. Unlike human superheroes, God does not try way too hard to solve life’s problems. He does not need to save every damsel in distress to prove His power. Yet, He does.

Okay…where am I taking this? Well by God’s grace my deepest problem–my sin problem–has already been solved so I’m relieved. That means I won’t be justified as a sinner any longer. When God sees me, He sees Jesus’ blood and so He calls me daughter. Princess. Child.

Right now, however, I have a problem. Well it’s more of the aftermath of a problem. I have a confession to make: I became complacent in my last semester of my 1st year in college. And the consequence?

I won’t be seeing my name on the dean’s list this year. Or ever in UA&P because there’s a 99.99% chance I won’t be studying there again. (More juicy details on that soon)

Call me whatever you like–nerd, grades-obsessed, geek–but I love school. Two of the things I hold dearly in life I can be cultivate in any educational institution: learning and relationships. For this reason, school rocks. However, I sometimes fail to show my love for him (I usually call things and places ‘him’ so that I can easily use similes and metaphors). I tend to be the unfaithful wife who commits adultery with my many lovers, namely, Tumblr, Facebook, CSI, Glee and extended eating times. Thankfully, I have a gracious and loving God to back me up (He is my real husband, btw). He never–ever–fails to lead me back to the right track. Back to where I chose studying for a Chem exam even if it was 3 days away over watching an episode of CSI New York. Back to where I read my readings, not skipping a line, instead of my newly bought book.

I am telling you this now because I just saw my grades online a few hours ago. Right now, my biggest struggle is how I’ll tell my parents and how they will respond.

My parents are not type of parents who tracked every academic record of their children–even the 5-item quiz–just so they could be assured that they’re afloat and even walking on water. They do require three of us–me, Josh and James–to succeed and excel in our studies because it’s their greatest pamana (inheritance) to us. By God’s amazing goodness, my parents sent me to a prestigious and undoubtedly expensive university. Add to that the daily allowance, food expenses, chauffering to various school projects and requirements and the undying support especially during the times I was down. They don’t deserve this.

But then again, they don’t deserve anything either! We all do! This reality made alive by God’s grace which was expressed so vividly on the cross somehow comforted me, but only a little. I will do better next time. I will study harder especially that I am in college. I. am. a. college. student.

The incessant struggle with “educational adultery” haunts me to this day, but I know I have a Hero who would immediately sweep me away from stumbling as soon as I call out to Him. Let this Hero save you. Cause He can. And He will. 😀