CAUTION: 2010 is Very Hot and Exciting

If two thousand and ten was a beverage, it would be a glass of rich and thick cocoa served very hot before sunrise. One of my favorites. It’s a drink that I enjoy sipping gradually–sipping  its sweetness and tongue-prickling sensation in every drop. As I sip, my tongue dries and taste buds hurt, but I bear the minimal pain as I look forward to more sipping. It takes several minutes to finish the whole glass; when the mug is half-empty is the only time I realize that the enjoyment this drink provides will only get better and better. The heat died down, but the flavor is still strong.

The beginning of 2010 is just as hot as a glass of boiling water and rich cocoa. It’s new, exciting, nervous, and certainly one that I look forward to. There are so many NEW resolutions I resolve to do, so many blogs to type, new people to meet and say goodbye to, places to visit, food to eat, lessons to learn, clothes to wear, challenges to face, problems to endure, and memories to make. Such a smorgasbord of activities may and can be overwhelming, but I am rest assured that the journey is worth taking. Because I know Who’s waiting for me at the end–my Master Chef–my Savior, Best Friend, Comforter, Disciplinarian, Lover. Jesus Christ.

I take a deep breath.

This year’s gonna be HOT and EXCITING. 😀