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I’m a Christian but I’m not sure I know how to live out this little life of mine. How do I do that?

Is it even possible to remain a strong, vibrant Christian in this day and age?

I’m a young person who sincerely desires to live for God but I don’t know where to start, or how, or stay faithful Him. Does it even matter?

I’m not a Christian. Should I even bother knowing who Jesus is and caring about what He has to say?

Asked any of these questions? Welcome to the club! You’re not alone.

I grew up in a Christian home and became a Christian at age 12, but I only began to grasp the meaning of Christ’s gospel and His will for me when I was in college, and later when I migrated to the United States. A Christ-centered, Spirit-filled life should penetrate every aspect of my life, not just the “religious stuff” like devotions, church attendance, or ministry work. Jesus wants and should be involved in every aspect of my life: my school, work, fitness, dating, thoughts, media habits, movie choices, relationships, even my fashion choices.  Holiness is a lifetime, all-encompassing adventure. As an adventurer, I realized that I was not meant to do this alone; in fact, all adventurers should come alongside each other as they fix their eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of Faith.

Through this blog, I share my story of how God graces my life, hoping and praying that God will use my story to exhort, encourage, and empathize with my fellow adventurers. I am not perfect–far from it–but as I grow in wisdom under the love and leadership of my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I pray that I mirror how radical, authentic Christianity looks like today in . It is possible to remain a strong, vibrant Christian in this day and age. What you think and believe about Jesus and how you respond to Him matters because it dictates your decisions and destiny. Through this blog, I pray that if you’re a fellow adventurer, you will find encouragement when weary; exhortation when lazy, confused, or disillusioned; and empowerment when weak. If you’re not a Christian, I pray that you will discover why I and my fellow-adventurers walk with Jesus and be encouraged to do likewise. Life is made through Jesus and for Jesus (Colossians 1:16)!

So who am I?


My name is Jennifer Grace Talam, or Jenny for short. Thanks for dropping by!

Photo by Zeus Martinez (Check out his site:

Born and raised in Makati, Philippines, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication at the University of Asia and the Pacific in 2015. That same year, my family and I packed our bags and migrated to California, USA where we now reside. I currently work in advertising as a media planner and buyer. According to Myers and Briggs, I have an INFJ personality type like Nobel-prize awardees Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa.–though the only noble membership I have so far is with Barnes and Noble. Ground-breaking project in the works, better watch out!

Few fun facts:

  • Hand-lettering is one of my favorite hobbies and passion projects. You can check out some of my doodles on my Instagram!
  • Sinigang na buto-buto (pork ribs in sour soup) is my favorite comfort food and inarguably the best one I can cook. 😉
  • Favorite movies include: Julie and Julia; Mean Girls; The Lion King; The Godfather; Deepwater Horizon;
  • Huge fan of literary authors: C.S. Lewis, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Shakespeare as well as modern-day bloggers: Phylicia M., Joy Tan-chi Mendoza

4 thoughts on “Start Here”

  1. Hi Jenny, slamat naman sa natuklasan mo sa paggamit ng panlapi natin…alam ko na nagpost na ako sa FB noon pa siguro meron na 1 o 2 taon na ang nakaRARAAN.

    Sana patuloy pa rin nating suportahan ang matuwid na paggamit ng PANLAPI.. I search kita sa FB para dito.


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