I Helped Clean Manila Bay! Sort of.

“Intention does not determine destination. Direction determines destination.”

– Pastor Peter Tan-chi

Yesterday I ran my 3rd fun run that was hosted and organized by the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC). In all my exceptionally amateur runs (totaling three :D), the Manila Bay Clean-Up Run was the most fulfilling because I beat my own record. As if my record’s worth beating. Hahaha! In the previous 5K runs, the Philippine Daily Inquirer Run and Run to Build (CCF), I ran for over forty minutes. Guess how long I ran yesterday? 36 minutes and 3 seconds! I also decreased walking time to 1 minute (compared to the previous runs where I walked for about one-fourth of the race. HAHA)

Kenyans spearhead the race  with their long, slender legs. They are present in almost every fun run.

her epic finishing shot

my more epic finishing shot

and another

Swimmer, T.V. host, and actress Christine Jacob-Sandejas

with singer Luke Mejares

 MBC sales team with their president Ruperto Nicdao Jr. (third from left)

one of the top 3 placers in the 5K women’s category. I’m jealous :p

Fstest 5K female runner: Y U No Smile?!

Running is simple. You don’t have to sign up for a class at a gym or a studio to learn how to run. The do’s and don’ts of running you may learn from the growing number of health magazines, but you don’t actually learn how to run step by step. You just do it. It’s an innate, human ability. Even if you’re not capable of running due to an injury or a disease, you still know how to run. Running is simple. Finishing a race, however, is another story.

Between the starting line and the finishing line is a stretch of a road constructed with pain, temptations, sweat, distractions, and other runners. Fifteen hundred men, women, and children all hoped and wished to run and end triumphantly (that is, without giving up along the way), but only several people actually do so. By God’s grace, I was one of those “severals.”

My goal for this race was to topple my 40-minute record. I knew this objective could be achieved by limiting my walks, water breaks, and simply running even if my entire being screams YOU ARE TIRED STOP RUNNING NOW! Indeed there was truth in my former P.E. coach’s words when she said that the greatest enemy in any race is yourself. My mind loved playing tricks on me even if I did not give it my permission, and I must fight every single one of them. One of those tricks was what I called the premeditated walk.

After fifteen or twenty minutes of incessant running, I believed I deserved a rest. Dear reader, pay extreme caution to your beliefs as they easily permeate optimism or pessimism into your being which could build you up or tear you down. Wrong beliefs lead to wrong choices. “Do you really deserve a rest, now?” a voice called God spoke to me. “Continue running. You can have all the rest you want after the race. You’re almost there.”

Had I opted for a premeditated walk, I would have finished the race five minutes late–a disheartening forty minutes. But I wasn’t going to give in–not anymore.

True enough, I achieved my goal even if I have only been jumping ropes and dancing instead of running for the past several weeks. God is good, and He is true to His Word. I’m still enjoying the rest I longed for so much.

Most of us intend to succeed, accomplish much, and excel in something worthwhile, but how many of us actually manage to do so? A handful, maybe. Why? Because most of us think we deserve to rest and opt for premeditated walks. We do not deserve anything in this life! God gives us rest when we need it, so until you hear God say, “Rest,” just keep on running. Don’t stop. Run.

By God’s grace, I helped clean Manila Bay in the most unusual way. I did not pick up pieces of candy wrappers or painted old walls.

I ran with patience the race that was set before me. 🙂 (Hebrews 12:1)

*Photos courtesy of my loving and ever-supportive Daddy, Ferdie Talam. 🙂

Author: Jenny J. Talam

Storyteller who actually prefers to read and listen to stories. Food fan. Budding events host. Collector and avid user of colorful pens and stack-high notebooks. Media enthusiast. Learner. Adventurer. Introvert. Child and servant of the one true King. Forgiven and loved. Hello, my name is Jennifer Grace. You can call me Jenny. Welcome to my story of grace! :)

3 thoughts on “I Helped Clean Manila Bay! Sort of.”

  1. I laughed out loud when I read this –>”her epic finishing shot” and then “my more epic finishing shot” hahaha
    Congratulations for your new personal record XD

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