Kung Fu Panda 2: Jam Packed With Morals

WARNING! Spoiler-inducing details of an awesome, awesome movie ahead.

Yesternight’s movie premiere of Kung Fu Panda 2 provided me lots of hearty laughs and insightful lessons to apply. 🙂 Compared to the first film, the sequel of awesomeness involved more drama and lasted for only an hour and 35 minutes. Nevertheless it was….

awesome! 🙂

For me, Po is the best superhero among all animated characters. Why? He is an epitome of what a true warrior and gentleman is like. He respects every person he meets, discarding all stereotypes; never backs down on a tough challenge; is not afraid to show his real self; cooks great Chinese food; and is undeniably hilarious (in a good way). Sure, his abs are preceded by a big fat F, but I think he wouldn’t be as charming and amiable as he is without them. Being a person who would love to chew, nibble and swallow for a living, I think Po and I would make excellent buddies. This year’s sequel of the film reveals a character in Po that I admire the most: a feisty conqueror.

I have warned you earlier, so don’t report me as spam (if that is even possible here) when I tell you that Po’s childhood–his adoption and how he was separated from his parents–was dramatically revealed in part 2. I say dramatic because almost all of the sentimental moments of the movie revolved around Po’s uneventful beginning. Like any adopted kid who hungers to know of his past, Po stumbled over sad realities regarding his parents: why they were killed, who killed them, why he was left inside a boxful of radish only to be picked up by a goose and how he should face his newly discovered weakness with “inner peace.” I realized that in every person there is an inner warrior destined to escape the walls of fear and shame and fight for justice and truth. The gastronomic lifestyle that Po mastered so well was meant to be his training ground and the life of a warrior his diving board to destiny.

As one gains strength, wisdom and experience, his struggles and weaknesses vary and increase in strength as well. Fear of the unknown haunted Po in part 1; in part 2 it is fear of the past. I learned that hero’s kryptonite is not his nemesis or some external evil force annihilating anyone who gets in its way, but his own imperfections and flaws combined with uneventful circumstances in the present, past or both. No wonder Master Shifu’s next lesson for Po was inner peace. Many times I think that I can fully maximize my potential if the environment I live in would change–achieve permanent peace, uphold justice, etc–but I’m mistaken. Transformation ought to take place within me. Often times we work our way to change others when we should be changing ourselves.

Apparently I’m the serious side of the movie after doing all the metaphorical and philosophical analysis. :)))) Seriousness aside, Kung Fu Panda 2 is a must-see for those kids at heart who are yearning for much-needed hearty crack-ups and of course, insightful morals. Other delightful findings aside from these things and Po’s portly, bouncy stomach would be Tigress’ elegant, hardcore voice (which only Ms. Jolie can deliver), the peacock’s, Shen’s, unique design, baby Po and the peanut ampao that I munched even though doing so ruined my diet. With a character like Po kung fuing his way to your heart and stomach, there is no room for diets to pervade and conquer. 🙂

cuteness overload!! 🙂

Author: Jenny J. Talam

Storyteller who actually prefers to read and listen to stories. Food fan. Budding events host. Collector and avid user of colorful pens and stack-high notebooks. Media enthusiast. Learner. Adventurer. Introvert. Child and servant of the one true King. Forgiven and loved. Hello, my name is Jennifer Grace. You can call me Jenny. Welcome to my story of grace! :)

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